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A fine embroidery of grey flowers stands out so well on deep black!

A touch of fancy for more originality.


Practical, comfortable, aesthetic and secure, the belt bag is ideal for travel, outdoor sports and leisure activities, and all those moments in daily life when you like to carry your belongings in complete safety, WITH YOUR HANDS FREE!

Flexible and close to the body, it sticks to the skin for a life full of movement.

An original and unique design.

The TATOO collection is a limited edition with an embroidery design created each year by a different graphic designer from the four corners of the world.


Fair Trade and Ethical Tailoring

Visit our page FAIR AND UNITED.


Colors: KON KTU (BLACK + RED ethnic flap)
  • BLACK DOUBLE 5 pockets belt bag with charcoal grey flower tattoo embroidery.


    2 bellows pockets, 5.52 x 5.91 inches.


    2 pockets, 7.49 x 9.85 inches


    1 inside secret pocket, 5.91 x 3.94 inches


    Antitheft security cord


    High quality zips


    Velcro on central and side pockets fastenings


    Polycotton (35% cotton, 65% polyester): soft and comfortable, strong and durable. Machine washable. Does not fade and dries easily. No ironing required.

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