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Laboa's story

Product labels-67x67 mm.png

The first mini-production run of around forty pieces was launched, exclusively for friends and family, with no profit motive. The concept was born, and ideas were overflowing : the brand was called "Boa," and the very first logo was far from the one we see today !


It was during her time in Mexico that Mathilde designed and had the very first model made by a seamstress, tailored to her needs: travel, event planning profession, and daily life. The enthusiasm of her loved ones for this new accessory inspired her to share it with others.

Mexico Flag.jpg


Leaving for Vietnam, the project was put on hold, but by no means abandoned !

Vietnam flag.jpg

The project resumes


In Vietnam, the textile industry is well developed and well-known for its expertise. Mathilde went in search of the garment factory that would produce the belt bags, visiting workshops and factories (not always convinced of the respect for human dignity in some companies) .

She then met Marc Blanchard, founder and director of Fair Fashion, a textile workshop voted 1st social enterprise by the Vietnamese textile union, and co-founder of the NGO Alliance Anti-Trafic, which fights human trafficking in South-East Asia. It's a match made in heaven! And it continues today, because we've never left each other ! 

Alliance Anti Trafic

Back to France 

Mathilde set off on the roads of France, the boot of the scenic full of belt bags, to negotiate "on the spot" their sale in seasonal shops on the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts.



Startup'euse Mancelle's Heartfelt Award

la startup'euse mancelle
le mans innovation

Integration of the Le Mans Innovation start-up incubator


Launch of the ethnic collection to support the handicrafts of Vietnamese ethnic minority weavers

Ethnical belt bag


1st Prize for Talented Women Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneures de talent


Launch of the Educ + collection with our partner:

Logo Danse Avec Ton Chien
multi-pocket belt for clicker training positive reinforcement poop bag phone leash


Showroom Laboa

Inauguration of the new offices and showroom 

To be continued...

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