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ATTENTION: the Educ+ case is compatible ONLY with the EDUC+ Belt Bag model.


This case is an additional accessory to be added to your Educ+ belt bag, specially designed for positive education.

- Flexible

- Removable

- Waterproof

- Interchangeable from one pocket to another

- It stays securely in the bottom of the pocket with 3 velcro fasteners

- Easily washable

Ideal for storing messy treats and quickly "pulling them out" while working with your dogs and horses or other companions on foot.

This additional case will complement the first one included in your Educ+ belt bag model and will allow you to have treats and other fresh or messy products on both sides within reach of both hands.


(detailed information in the “CHARACTERISTICS” tab)



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Treat case EDUC+

Colors: KON KTU (BLACK + RED ethnic flap)
Out of Stock
  • Pochette étui en tissu imperméable 

    Dimensions: 14 x 15 x 3 cm 

    3 attaches velcros pour le maintenir au fond de la poche du sac ceinture

    Lavable à la main ou en machine à 30 ou 40 degrés

    ATTENTION: l'étui Educ+ est compatible UNIQUEMENT avec le modèle Sac Ceinture EDUC+



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