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The passion of bright red for color lovers!


The Educ+ belt bag is an essential sports accessory for working with dogs, horses and all animals in positive and caring education.


Chic and practical it can be used for:

-walking and hiking

-walking canine

-dog sports training: agility and oberhythmic dogdancing

-working with horses in freedom or mounted, perfect for equifeel, ethology or hunter

-Designed for the education of all animals


Like a soft and flexible second skin that accompanies you without weighing you down and allows you to keep all your belongings and those of your animal (toys and treats) in all practicality and HANDS FREE!


Why is it specially adapted to the work of animals:

- deeper and wider pockets for toys and treats than our other models

- a removable waterproof case that can be easily washed for dirty treats 

- Carabiner rings for hanging leashes and lanyards and other accessories

- elastic straps for tug and clicker or foot and bite picks 

(detailed information in the tab "CHARACTERISTICS") 


But if the Educ+ has been specially designed for animal education, it can be used for many other activities thanks to its accessories, like all our other models. Give free rein to your needs and your imagination! 

(See our USES pages)


NOTE: The Educ+ belt bag includes 1 removable case for treats. It is possible to order a 2nd case in addition by adding to your cart the item "EDUC+ candy case". 


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EDUC+ DOUBLE belt bag Positive Education RED

Colors: Bright red
  • Belt bag 5 pockets plain fabric


    2 pockets with gussets and flaps with snap closure 14 x 15 x 3 cm


    2 pockets with secure zips 19 x 27 cm


    1 inside secret pocket of 18 x 10 cm


    1 removable waterproof pouch: interchangeable from one pocket to another and held securely at the bottom of the pocket by 3 velcro fasteners. Easily washable.


    2 strong and removable snap rings to hang the leash or other accessories


    2 elastic straps to hang tug or clicker or pick or bit or others!


    Central closure by imitation leather belt in camel color with eyelets and buckle in patina color.


    Polycotton (35% cotton, 65% polyester): soft and comfortable, strong and durable. Machine washable. Does not fade and dries quickly. Ironing is not necessary.

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