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This book is sold exclusively in FRENCH

This book is brought to you by our partner Danse Avec Ton Chien, with whom our Educ + model was created.


The first French book on cooperative care for dogs!


Discover how to make dog care fun for you and your dog, and above all, how to do it with your dog's cooperation and motivation. 


Whether it's grooming, nail trimming, eye, ear or mouth care, bathing, fitting a harness or muzzle, these tasks can all be carried out in close collaboration with your faithful companion!


Sophie and Julia are delighted to present the very first book in French dedicated to training dogs for daily care, using respectful methods based on cooperation.

DATC book "Entraîner son chien aux soins du quotidiens"

  • Full-colour book with text and photos 

    Spiral binding 


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